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Alfa Tech Co., Ltd. is a company that produces, supplies and services machinery for industry, which is being used diversely in the whole of industry.
The machinery for industry, which is supplied by Alfa Tech Co., Ltd., boasts the optimal performance with excellent quality, and cheap maintenance expenses.

As members at Alfa Tech Co., Ltd. have a career that has worked as engineer over 10~20 years at Alfa Laval Co., Ltd. and WestFalia Co., Ltd., they are making assurance doubly sure of offering service suitable for the product in excellent quality.

The company is striving to correspond to the customer¡¯s requirements and to realize the customer-satisfaction service. A/S is being prepared for 24 hours in 365 days.

The products, which are produced and supplied by Alfa Tech Co., Ltd., are as follows.

(1)High Pressure Homogenizer
(3)Colloid Mill
(5)Heat Exchanger
(6)Metering Pump
(7)Food extract, concentration system, supply and installation, maintenance